Create. It’s what an artist does. And occupying the upper echelons of artistry is haute couture. Expressive, distinctive, challenging. Casting itself off from the run of the mill. Where Sandra Murray occupies a space uniquely her own.

Of course, an artist’s work is inseparable from their personality. So, a Sandra Murray creation embodies those qualities symbiotic of its maker: layered, individual, genuine yet with touches of frivolity.

Her peers are painters, poets, photographers, musicians. Those for whom self-expression is a life force. And just as the painter has paint, the musician notes and the poet words, Sandra has cloth. Crafting it, shaping it, letting it breathe through her inspiration, through herself. Life into art.

Every artist craves the blank canvas. That place from which you begin with nothing except your imagination. This is where Sandra starts from with every piece she creates. Equal parts artistic endeavour, Scots’ aesthetic and technical achievement ultimately revealing the maker.

A couturier apart, embracing the international stage.