Folds of hills. Mist wrapping itself around forms and outlines. Colour and texture. Neutral matts, the shine left by rain. The Scottish landscape doesn’t so much find its way into Sandra’s work, as exist there as a defining force.

Hard against soft, light against shadow, raw against refined. Subdued, shifting, elusive. An ever-changing backdrop in which Sandra is completely at home.

Layer upon layer, her pieces are given form. The timeless with the contemporary, the established with the exotic, the technical with the aesthetic. And just as the local Harris Tweed has been woven by generations, her work weaves a story all of its own. Harris Tweed, French lace, Italian silk organza, the combinations are what count. Working with and off each other.

Wool, of course, is central to the palette. Warm and comforting, soft yet enduring, muted yet intense. A material that responds to Sandra’s skilled hands and the wearer’s emotions. The layering of the physical with the spiritual.

Velvet, lace, wool, tulle, chiffon, linen, tweed. Satin, cotton, brocatelle, georgette, taffeta, matelasse, organza. Who’d have thought such fusions of cloth could make so much sense?