The relationship we have with the clothes we wear is a deeply personal one. And just like any relationship, it can benefit from the input and understanding of someone you trust and admire.

Sandra provides a concierge service, offering her knowledge, empathy and experience so that your styling requirements are not only taken care of, but nurtured and developed for the future.

The service is particularly aimed at those in the performing arts, such as opera singers, pianists, soloists and musicians – performers who regularly attend big events and require statement pieces that can be seen as the fashion expression of their skill and virtuosity.

Of course the service perfectly suits the time-precious. Sandra comes to you, with fittings and consultancies carried out in your home or any venue of your choice. And the service includes the whole package, with, for example, advice on accessories all part of the offering.

For more details and to arrange an initial
get-together, contact Sandra on 01463 220091.